Channel letters are individual letters and logos that are internally illuminated, typically using LED lighting. Face-lit channel letters have an acrylic translucent face with aluminium sides and back. Reverse-lit channel letters have an aluminum face and sides with a clear lexan back through which the illumination shines, reflects on the wall and gives the letters a “halo” effect. Double illuminated channel letters combine the face lit and the reverse options with illumination coming from both the face and the back of the letter.

Channel letter signs are a superior signage choice, and have become a very popular option for leading businesses here in Long beach and throughout Southern California. Each LED channel letter sign features a separate structure and illumination system, resulting in professional, memorable and highly visible electric signage.

Channel letter signs also are extremely customizable. Virtually any font, color or size can be used. This flexibility permits channel letter signage to be tailored exactly to your business’s needs. Contact us today to join over growing list of satisfied clients in Los Angeles, Orange County, and throughout Southern California.