Monument signs are freestanding signs placed into the ground mounted on a structurally sound base or footing. They provide added visibility for your business, often sitting close to the roadway. They feature a multitude of finishes over the sign structure and can be illuminated externally or internally.

Pylon signs have the elements of a monument sign, but on a larger scale. Often set near freeways, many advertise the different businesses in a shopping center, but can also be a single user pylon sign. These signs are usually internally lit and can include channel letters, electronic message boards, and/or lighted cabinets.

Pole signs are often referred to as pylon signs, as the terms are often considered to be interchangeable. Some distinguish the two by designating a sign mounted on a single pole as a “pole sign” while a sign held up by multiple poles would be referred to as a “pylon sign.” In either case, the purpose is to take the stylings of a monument sign, and elevate them as high as 20 to 30 feet in the air to increase visibility.

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